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What is Counselling and how can it help you?

What is counselling? 

If you’re reading this page, the chances are you are interested in exploring some aspects of your experience. As human beings we do this most often when that experience is in some way painful or difficult to tolerate. You may have an idea why this is so, or it may simply be a felt-sense that your life, or some aspect of it, is in disarray. Counselling provides a safe and confidential space to find out more about whatever it is that is causing you pain. Most of us do not find pain easy to face. Many spend a life-time running away from it. One of the things that may concern you about sharing your pain with a counsellor is shame. Another may be your’ inner critic’ or superego – the part of yourself that relentlessly tells you that you are ‘bad’, ‘a failure’ or ‘worthless’.  With the support of a counsellor, you can begin to understand, process and integrate whatever is blocking your growth and development.


How counselling can help you

I have worked as a Psychosynthesis counsellor since 2004. This approach is one which looks at what is causing us to feel ‘stuck’ in our lives. We may be functioning quite well in some aspects of our lives, for example, professionally – whilst in other aspects we feel we are a complete mess. It may be that we can’t seem to find or sustain an intimate relationship or we have a behaviour pattern that is compulsive or out of control.


I will support you in finding your courage to look at the FULL range of your experience. This can be scary as there may be some parts of yourself that you have never dared to explore or that feel in some way ‘dark’. So we can take it at your pace. The important thing is that we develop a safe and confidential environment where you feel that you can trust the process.


The Psychosynthesis approach also seeks to help you realise your full potential. As you begin to get in touch with who you really are, you will find that the qualities of your true human nature become more accessible – qualities such as strength, will, compassion, joy and love.






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